UK Dive Trips T & C's

Seastyle UK Dive Trips - Terms and Conditions

Important! - When Booking on a Seastyle UK Dive Trip/Holiday

Trip classifications: -

Open to All - if you have completed your open water training dives in a drysuit in the UK and are happy diving in a buddy pair in the 20 metre depth range. (Unless stated otherwise). Some DSMB deployment and use would be an advantage.

We are also happy to take wetsuit divers that have some UK dive experience, the suit being worn must suitable for our water temperature and are happy diving in a buddy pair in the 20 metre depth range. Some DSMB deployment and use would be an advantage.

Advanced - you are confident diving in a buddy pair in the depth range of 20 to 35 metres and can easily deploy and use a DSMB and Reel. Must have some UK dive experience

Experienced - ideally you should be equipped with a pony cylinder, and confident diving in a buddy pair to depths of 40 metres and can easily deploy and use a DSMB and Reel. Should have UK hard boat and sea diving experience.

All trips are offered to our Seastyle Dive Club member’s first.

Terms & Conditions

Once you have paid your deposit you are committed to the trip, even if you have to cancel - there are no exceptions - You book You Pay!

We recommend holiday insurance for all our dive holidays

It is your responsibility to ensure you are dive fit for your booked trip. We hold regular pool sessions and local dives to Cromhall, Stoney Cove & the NDAC; along with shore diving at the coast so there is no excuse for not having been in the water to refresh your skills prior to your planned trip.

Bookings for all trips are on a first come first served basis.

We require a deposit which is non-refundable/non-transferable or trip payment in full: -

Day trips are to be paid for in full at the time of booking.

Where we advertise we are using a Travelodge in the unlikely event it is not available we will book accommodation to a similar monetary valve.

The costing of our trips include member/s of the Seastyle team being available, such as Divemaster's or staff who will be aboard to assist on the boat.

Weekend trips a deposit of £100.00 or £150.00 (as advertised) at the time of booking with the balance due 8 weeks prior to the trip.

We are unable to refund any portion of a trip that is not used.

All participants on weekend trips and UK dive holidays must be comfortable diving in buddy teams at 20 to 35 metres and carry a computer, DSMB and reel and be comfortable in their deployment. Unless otherwise stated in the trip information.

All dives/trips are weather dependent; we will endeavor to keep you informed of any changes.

All divers are required to have 2 full cylinders for each days diving, a computer, torch and a DSMB and reel as specified (some of our dive holidays include cylinder are weight hire please check at the time of booking)

If for any reason you cannot attend you may sell your place to any other diver who can meet the trip requirements.

All rooms are booked on a twin share basis and if possible we will try to accommodate anyone requiring a single room for which a supplement will be charged. (we cannot offer this on our live-aboard holidays)

We will help in the selling of any places but please be aware if we still have places available these will be sold first.

You must supply us with a contact number so we can contact you, failure to do may result in you turning up to a cancelled dive/trip.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip and will refund any monies paid in full.

If part of a trip is cancelled once on location we will offer a voucher on the next equivalent trip.

Transport - You must arrange you own transport. 

Food and drink - please check the holiday description to see what is and is not included.

Ferry Crossings - Any of our holidays that require a ferry crossing this cost is not included in the cost of the holiday.

Air, Nitrox, Oxygen and Tri-Mix - please check the holiday description to see what is included in the holiday cost.

If you arrange and pay for your own accommodation and the trip is subsequently cancelled we cannot be held responsible for any losses incurred.

Any costs involved in you turning up for a cancelled trip and when we couldn't contact you to advise you as such is your responsibility