Stoney Cove

We understand that this information page is rather long, but it is important that you take the time to read it. Then if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Meet time AT the Seastyle Dive Shop is 8am (unless advised differently)
We are normally back in Worcester around 5.30pm.

FEE'S and SERVICES THAT ARE NOT included in your course fee
Dive site fee's Stoney Cove £20.00 per diver, per day
Air Fills 10 L £4.50 12/15 L £5.00 per fill (prices correct 2015) 
Transport to the dive site.
Food and drinks

Junior divers under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the dive sites .

What to wear both in and out of the water!

PLEASE ensure that you have sun screen, even on overcast days it is very easy to become sunburn at any of the inland sites, during the summer season.

Dry Suit Diving - Bolt on cost £100.00

You will be weight checked during your pool based dry suit orienation dive.

If you are wearing additional undergarments from when you were initially weight checked in the pool or since your last open water dive for Drysuit diving please advise your Instructor/Divemaster, so we can check your weighting at the start of the day and avoid unnecessary hanging around on the surface in cold water!

Please bring lightweight thermals/under garments (if you already have them) or t-shirts, lightweight fleece tops and a couple of pairs of socks to wear under the drysuit.
Large towels are also handy. If you become damp on the first dive you will need a change of under garments to help with chilling.

Wetsuit divers
Please do not wear cotton T-shirts under your wetsuits.
Bring a large towel and a windproof jacket to pop over the top of your wetsuit.
Warm hat to help with wind chill.

Other Items
Please remember to bring your course books and log books and dive computer if you have already purchased one along on your training days.
You will also need a boat bag / net bag for your basic equipment - available in the shop prices start at £9.00

Using Seastyle School Scuba Equipment
You are responsible for the care of the equipment we provide you for your open water training dives and any damage must be paid for by you the student.

Cameras are not allowed to be used by student divers on the Open Water Diver Course Training Dives - NO EXCEPTIONS!

All DRY SUITS and WETSUITS must be donned and doffed using the changing rooms at NDAC, Stoney Cove and changing container at Cromhall - NOT IN THE CAR PARKS PLEASE!


Prior to putting on your dry suit seals, warm them in your hands then talc and gently put on, they are very prone to splitting when very cold, so please be careful with them.

Basic Equipment (mask, snorkel and adjustable fins) along with hoods, gloves and wet boots.
If you require any basic equipment these MUST be requested ON THE morning of your training dives!

General Health and well-being
Get a good night sleeps and ensure a good level of hydration. Please phone for advise if you have a cough/cold or are recovering from one.
You must be fit and well to dive.
Individual physiological differences - if unsure on any points then please talk to any member of the dive team.
Poor physical condition

What skills will I perform on the day?

You will find the skill list for Open water dives 1 & 2 on page 169 and page 243 for open water dives 3 & 4 of the PADI Open Water Diver Manual

Cold water diving - exertion after diving - please keep your physical exercise to a minimum for at least 4 to 6 hours after your last dive and avoid taking very hot bath or showers as divers who have been chilled on decompression dives (or dives near the no-decompression limit) and if they take very hot baths or showers can stimulate bubble formation.

Dive Safety
Please watch your in water profile no saw tooth profiles and also your rate of ascent and perform a safety stop at the end of every dive.

This can vary - summer time 1 to 5 metres, wintertime very good 5 to 12 metres.

Stoney Cove Directions
Stoney Cove
Sapcote Rd
Stoney Stanton

Leave the M69 North at junction 1 and follow A5 south. Turn onto B4114 to Sapcote. (It will be on your left look out for the Nemo's pub sign)

To view the underwater map Click here

Please stop at the cones sign in and pay (credit/debit cards are accepted but you will have to pay a small fee to use one)


Training cancellation policy

We reserve the right to cancel any training day that does not have a minimum of 2 students training.
This may happen on the actual day due to illness and no shows.
The training day may only proceed if the student is happy to pay for one to one training.
Please refer to our training terms and conditions.